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Not sure what size to order? We're here to walk you through how to order Judy Blues and help you get the perfect fit!

Sizes 0-15:

To get your Judy Blue true size, take your department store even size and size down one. For example if you are a size 12 in a store, your TRUE Judy Blue size is an 11.

If you wear two different store sizes choose the size in the middle. So if you're sometimes a 12 and sometimes a 14, your TRUE Judy Blue size is a 13.

Sizes 14W-24W:

Your size is the even size below your store size. So if you are a 16W in the store, your TRUE Judy Blue size is a 14W.

Note: We also put specific size description on EACH pair of jeans. Be sure to read this! It will tell you if the pair is a TRUE Judy Blue size or if you should size down one size or up one size depending on the style. TRUST US, we have women of all shapes and sizes try on each pair of jeans to be sure you get the PERFECT fit!